Hank Spencer Tattoo Portfolio

Hank Spencer
Hank Spencer is originally from a small town located in the inner part of South Carolina called Mayesville. He is our senior artist, with a total of 27 years of tattooing under his belt. Since 1991 the tattoo industry has changed drastically. From its broadening clientele to its ever evolving equipment and new styles- tattooing is now widely accepted and seen even on television shows in a positive light in the average home.

That being said, Hank has been tattooing all through these 27 years of evolution in the industry, and has been able to learn from many artists, utilize many kinds of machinery, as well as tested many styles and techniques. The styles that have remained his favorite are black and gray realism, and anything that is bright, colorful and bold.

Before tattooing was legalized in South Carolina in 2006 Hank Spencer tattooed at High Energy Tattoos and Demographics in North Carolina up until we opened our doors in ’06. He has been tattooing with us since. Like his fellow artists, Hank is trained in Basic First Aid, Adult CPR, and Blood-borne Pathogens and Infection Control.

When watching Hank tattoo, or interact with his clients, you can see that he is very passionate about his craft. He is always striving to learn more and evolve with the industry while staying true to what he loves.

Father, partner, artist – Hank is also quite the horror movie and 90s music buff, memorabilia collector and Star Wars fan who loves spending time with family and friends- and he is much fun to get tattooed by! To request an appointment with him, click the “Request Booking” button, and also check below for his portfolio!

“If I could give Hank and Elite 10 stars I would!”
James B

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