Devon Lanz Tattoo Portfolio

Devon Lanz
As a kid being a tattoo artist was something I knew I wanted. When I was little I watched my dad grow into the owner and artist he has become here at Elite Ink. It was an inspiring journey to be a part of and I knew I wanted something similar for myself. All these years later, watching this industry change in so many ways I am very proud to have grown up in and ended up in this business. I love what I do and I look forward to tattooing every day. Giving people artwork to last a lifetime is a special thing. With only a little over a year of tattooing under my sleeve I do not specialize specifically in any style yet, but I love doing black and grey semi realistic flowers, dogs and other nature type stuff. I also like doing Neo traditional type color work, and girly stuff as well. I will do all of the Harry Potter tattoos, and love anything out of the ordinary. Say you want a pizza slice with heart shaped pepperonis or a tamagotchi hanging around a shoe, I got you fam. In the future I hope to be able to further my artistry by getting into black and gray portrait work, as that is what I have always been very passionate about drawing. I will also happily do small tattoos, as every tattoo is something to learn from, and every interaction I have with a client ends up being special somehow. So come on in and let’s be friends!
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