Devon Lanz Tattoo Portfolio

Devon Lanz
Born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I have grown up from early childhood to now in the tattoo and body mod industry. At a young age I was making bamboo plugs and wood burning jewelry for my dad’s jewelry company- Steel Roots. When he was teaching himself to tattoo I was right there at 10, amazed and in awe of what I saw, and what I wanted for myself. As I grew older and tattooing was legalized in 2006, I was 13 and still sure I was going to be an artist one day. I started working at Elite Ink Tattoos at 17 years old, a counter girl, who was obsessed with artists like Josh Woods, Nikko Hurtado and Jime Litwalk. New school cartoons and realism have always amazed me. I eventually moved on to working solely on social media and networking for the studio, learning sales, and web marketing. At 25 now, I am an apprentice, tattooing, and I have never felt so fulfilled in my life. It is a hard bumpy road, with much to learn. Though I know the learning never ends, I tell myself every morning – “Tomorrow I will do better than today, today I will do the best I can”.

I am a black and grey portrait artist at heart, I have been doing charcoal, graphite and conte’ crayon portraits for 10 years. I love the way people, animals, and landscapes are naturally occurring, and how they are all different and alike in their own right. I love new school cartoon tattoo work, because it animates those same things, and brings them to life in a new way. I absolutely love the art world, in all it’s colorful glory. Everyone is welcome, and everyone is creative in their own right. Tattooing is not an easy career, but it is one that I will work as hard as I have to do earn the title of tattoo artist. I hope that my clientele grows with my career, and that people continue to trust me with their skin. Come see me!** <3 XO

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If you are tattooed by the shop apprentice, there is always a licensed artist present. The apprentice has their own room that is clean and professionally set up the same way the artists’ rooms are. The apprentice is also First Aid/CPR and bloodborne pathogens/ infections control certified. Please take a look at her work prior to getting tattooed, [as you should with any artist/apprentice] and feel free to come by and make an appointment with her!
~ Elite Ink Tattoos