Bruce Davis Tattoo Portfolio

Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis was born in a small town in West Virginia. Art was always a passion of his, something Bruce wanted to progress in in new ways, while also surrounding himself with people who felt the same way. When it comes to tattooing, Bruce says he never limits himself to one style, while always being open with the clients’ designs. All the same, Bruce is focused on the realism side of tattooing because he loves tedious details. Hence he finds himself going crosseyed often focusing deeply on small details!

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… Bruce is very optimistic, we all enjoy his company, as he is a glass half full kinda guy, always looking on the bright side of any situation and learning from new experiences. When asked about his spare time he says he “enjoys candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, break dancing… alright more serious things, I love joking about everything. I enjoy movies and video games way to much. I love the outdoors even though I may not have the time for it,” he says with a smile. Furthermore, he is definitely a family man, he loves spending time with his two boys and his awesome wife, Keisha. Bruce has been at Elite Ink with us since 2014 and says he doesn’t see himself going anywhere else anytime soon.

“Excellent staff very helpful and down to earth. Bruce did a great job light handed very professional. Recommend recommend recommend…”

-Frank Medici

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