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Bobby Lanz
Bobby Lanz is a tattoo artist, entrepreneur, and business owner. He can pretty much build any old thing into something awesome. Like turn an empty van into a fully equipped camper with a kitchenette and living space by himself. Bobby has always been a sort of jack of all trades you’d say.

A salesmen, and business savvy guy who could charm the fish out of water. With that said, he is also a trustworthy fella that you can easily make friends with. Which is why people love getting tattooed by him. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida but has lived in Myrtle Beach for 30 plus years. He is a father to one 25 year old daughter, Devon. She is also the Social Media Marketing and Client Outreach Administrator for Elite Ink.

Bobby was raised a survivor and entrepreneur, on his own at a young age. Which ended up good for him, as he was a business owner at a young age. Partner in operations for a beachwear store in the 90s, Bobby quickly moved up the ladder. Soon he owned a rock n’ roll/ head-shop called The G Spot many moons ago. He started body piercing in 1989 at these places, and was doing up to 50 piercings a day. He enjoyed this trade so much he began manufacturing body jewelry for a self started company called Steel Roots.

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Bobby traveled all over the country with tackle boxes full of custom jewelry. Door to door he went, selling to body modification studios all over the United States. South Carolina lifted their piercing ban in 2003 and opened Myrtle Beach’s first studio, Elite Body Piercing. He was tattooing at this point though, guest spotting in other states. He was ready for the tattoo ban to be lifted in South Carolina. Which finally happened in 2006. Bobby opened the 2nd and 1st premier studio in the state, Elite Ink Tattoos. Business climbed quickly and he sold the piercing studio, but they kept the same name. Elite Body Piercing is still open to this day in the same location on Robert Grissom Parkway in Myrtle Beach.

Elite Ink Tattoos is now the oldest studio in South Carolina. Bobby is currently working on a huge expansion project to open a new location. So keep your eyes peeled and follow us online for more info and updates on that! He is always welcoming new clients and is an incredibly versatile artist that loves doing almost all styles. To book with Bobby Lanz, click the “Booking” tab and fill out our short form and our professional Booking Consultant will respond to you within 72 hours!

“Great atmosphere! Very clean. Very professional. Would absolutely recommend to others!”
Amanda Donnell

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