Allen Pridgen Tattoo Portfolio

Allen Pridgen
Allen Pridgen began tattooing 18 years ago after apprenticing at Jess’ Fine Line Tattoos in Laurinburg, North Carolina. As a child he had a passion for many kinds of art that had led him through many mediums and jobs before tattooing – such as airbrushing, body work on cars, painting and more recently- leatherwork. Allen loves learning new kinds of art, styles and mediums.

Aside from being an artist, Allen is a father to an awesome son and daughter, as well as a husband to his wife who he has been with for over 15 years. The family of 4 has many pets of different kinds that they love dearly. He is very involved in his family life, and many of his clients adore him for it, because it has made him an incredibly nice guy.

Allen is very skilled in watercolor styles, saturated color work, and any abstract art styles of tattoo. He is very versatile at his craft, making him a great choice to get tattooed by.

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Over the years Allen has worked in many states, including North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and even Kentucky. The journey led him here to Myrtle Beach, where he has been tattooing with us here at Elite Ink Tattoos since two years after we opened in 2008. Ten years of Allen in our studio family has been quite fun, and he says he’d love to have you in his chair, because he loves meeting new people and making friends, as he treats all of his clients like so. For an appointment with Allen, click the “Request booking” button, and scroll below to see his portfolio!
“This place is awesome! Allen did an amazing job on my tattoo and all the staff had great customer service! “
-Matthew Palmer (google reviews)
Matthew Palmer

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