Adam Bartley Tattoo Portfolio

Adam Bartley
Adam Bartley grew up in a small southern town near the foothills of the Appalachians in North Carolina. Growing up in a mountainside town, this artsy and eccentric kid enjoyed things like hiking, fishing and camping. Later in his teen life he also really loved working on hot rods. Even as an adult, he still has an affinity for taking old things and restoring them to life. In addition at 15 he was already making designs for a t-shirt printer. Later, he received a formal education in architecture. Which was followed by a short lived career in commercial design outside of Washington D.C. in Virginia. Some time after, he moved to Northern California to be closer to his wife’s family. While Adam was unable to find work in his chosen field here at the time, he spent some time volunteering as an EMT.
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… A little later in 2008 he found the opportunity to shake things up; landing a tattoo apprenticeship at a local tattoo studio. Once his apprenticeship was completed, Adam moved to the Myrtle Beach area to work as a full time tattoo artist. He draws his colorful and eccentric style from a variety of inspirational sources. Hence they include Neo Traditional, Art Nouveau, and other semi classic imagery. Leaving you with quite the range of options with his style!

Adam is by far one of our most colorful team members, in that he is constantly making everyone in the room laugh- whether tattooing them or not. While quite often blurting absurdities and making the most random jokes. Although if you’re ever having a bad day, or are nervous about getting your tattoo, you will definitely appreciate those things. Oppositely, while Adam is not tattooing or spending time with his beautiful family- you can catch him drawing, painting, working on his hot rod or just sitting on the front porch pickin’ on his banjo.

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“Clean, amazing staff, and a beautiful custom tattoo done by Adam! I highly recommend this shop.” Kristian Forslund (-Google Business Reviews)